• Since we were out-of-state buyers, your willingness to help with utilities, the final walk-through, resetting the thermostats and locking all windows and doors was a wonderful help.  We definitely appreciate everything.  Your diligence in researching to answer all of our questions in a timely manner was excellent.
    L.K. & C.K. Greer, SC
  • Holly, you are AMAZING! We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. Our first home-buying experience has been a breeze thanks to you and your team! If buying a home didn't cost so much money, we'd do it AGAIN next year!
    The Johnsons
  • All three of the agents in Greenville, SC contacted me promptly and were very good. I went with Connie Rice because she provided us with a lot of research right away and had an informal appraisal of our property within days as well as a recommended selling price. She has gotten our listing up fast and it has had almost 3,000 search retrievals on Trulia although only a couple dozen have opened the listing for details, that's still pretty good for the first day or so!
    Jennifer M.
  • I was very satisfied with Josephine. I like progress and assertiveness, and she had both. Thanks for working with me and selling my house in a timely manner.
    L.C. Greenville, SC
  • I work with real estate agents on a daily basis, and Don Swearingen is one of the best! He offers an incredible depth of knowledge, having been a builder himself. We are relocating from out of state, and Don has been unselfishly generous and flexible with his time, an enormous help to us, as our time – in state – has been limited. With his great knowledge of the area, Don has been an invaluable resource helping us to narrow our focus and prioritize our time. He is an absolute delight to work with, and he represents the utmost in honesty, integrity, and sound advice. We gave Don quite a challenge because I, too, have been in the home building industry for some 40 years. Consequently, my wife and I are very discerning, educated buyers. If you are fortunate enough to have Don represent you in the home buying process, you will not be disappointed, as he will be your staunch advocate and trusted advisor.
    L. & C. Amaral
  • Connie was very prompt in contacting me and scheduled an appointment to meet quickly. She spent a lot of time at my home discussing the selling process and provided suggestions on things that should be done to prepare the house to sell without spending a great deal of money. I did the work we discussed on the house and we had it on the market the Monday after we signed our paperwork. I am so pleased with the result- we had a contract on the house by that Sunday at a good price and the only contingency being the inspections!!!! 6 days on market!!! Great job Connie!!!
    Lynne H.
  • Connie Rice emailed and phoned me to get our information and was very friendly and knowledgeable. Lisa Murray came to our home for the appointment and was very helpful in selling advice and was well-prepared and knowledgeable. We are looking forward to selling our home with their help.
    Amy S.
  • All of the people I was involved with were outstanding to work with.  I would like to give Lisa Murray a double kudos.  She was a pleasure to work with from our 1st conversation.  I know she went out of her way to do anything I asked her to do.
    M.H. Pickens
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